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Identify and support artist with great potential. Buy part of their music rights, get the benefits and grow your investment.

What is Wiz music?

Wiz Music is the future of the music industry: you can invest directly in the artists and acquire a part of the future income that its music is producing on streaming platforms. The artists will grow and your investment will grow with them.

It sounds good, doesn't it?


Choose your artists

Discover the selected artists of Wiz Music. We bring unique artists: for their talent, growth, trajectory or potential.

You decide in whom you want to invest.


Invest in their music

Investing with Wiz Music is easy: the artists sell a portion of the earinings they get when their music is played on streaming platforms.

As an investor, you can buy tokens which represent a percentage of these profits.

The more tokens you have, the more benefits you get.

03. DEAL

Negotiate with other investors

Tokens are your property. 6 months after the official sale, you can deal with the tokens, selling them to other investors or anybody else.

You can also buy any artists' tokens to any investor in the secondary market.


Exclusive benefits for you

With Wiz Music, you will become an artist' VIP fan. You will live music as you have never done before.

When buying tokens, you will get access to unique benefits: news about the artist, personalized Q&A sessions and much more. You will also enjoy an exclusive channel with the artist and other investors. Join the community!

Meet our artists

Here are the artists you can invest in at Wiz Music. Soon we'll bring you many more, stay tuned!

Explore our artists

Everything you need to know about Wiz Music

We've put together a list of frequently asked questions so we clarify all your doubts.

What is Wiz Music?

Wiz Music is a platform that seeks to give fans a voice and bring them closer to their favourite artists than ever before.

Thanks to blockchain technology we are able to create the $FAN token, which is a virtual access key that can be bought and sold, and that gives holders of the same access to an exclusive community with which artists interact, make inquiries and even chat or meet in person.

In addition, holders of the $FAN token will have access to a series of advantages that the artist wants to share with their fans, such as the advance purchase of tickets to their concerts, exclusive content, exclusive launch of new songs and even backstage access at concerts.

What is a token?

The $FAN token is a smart contract, which is unique and cannot be modified and therefore guarantees its owner that it will always keep its properties.

Because it is on the blockchain, it can also be transferred to another owner at any time while keeping its properties intact.

Is the token my property?

Yes, as everything is registered on the blockchain, once you have bought the token it belongs to you and no one can take it away from you. It is yours until you decide to sell it to another owner. If you have more than one token, you can always sell some and keep the others. Each token is independent of the others.

What do you mean I get royalties?

We believe it is essential that artists share a portion of the royalties generated by their work with their fan communities, so that fans can share in the success of the artists they are supporting.

The amount of royalties that are shared with the fan community, i.e. the token holders, will depend on each artist, as well as the frequency with which these royalties are paid.

There are artists who receive payments directly from streaming platforms on a monthly basis, while others receive payment from their label every 6 months. This is why each artist, depending on their personal situation, will adapt the timing of their royalty payments.

What do I gain as an artist by working at Wiz Music?

Our mission is to help artists generate more revenue from their royalties, while strengthening their relationship with their current fans and reaching many more fans in the making.

Can all kinds of artists register?

We love music of all kinds. Our mission is to help any and all artists thrive. Emerging, established, bands, solo artists, rock, pop, indie, trap, DJs, reggaeton, you name it. We love it all! The only requirement is that you have your own music on a streaming platform.

I'm a record label, can I work with Wiz Music?

Of course, we work directly with record labels, managers or musicians.

I'm an artist and I have questions, can someone from Wiz Music contact me?

You can register directly or write to or tell us when works best for you here and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Our Team

Wiz Music is a team of entrepreneurs and engineering experts. Our mission is to empower a new generation of artists and share their successes with their fans.

  • Juan Carlos Rovira's profile picture

    Juan Carlos Rovira


    Previously he was VP of Finance at Badi, a startup that has raised over €30 million of capital and employs over 100 people in Barcelona.

  • Alejandro Arraut's profile picture

    Alejandro Arraut


    An expert in commercial law, he has worked at the CNMV and has experience in regulated industries.

  • Marc Collado's profile picture

    Marc Collado


    Prior to joining Wiz Music he worked as a CPO at Gamestry and PM at Ironhack. He has also created and successfully sold other startups in the past.

  • Violeta Yuste's profile picture

    Violeta Yuste


    She has led teams of over 20 people in companies such as Hosco, Cornerjob and TheFork, maintaining a direct relationship with the client. Whatsmore, she has his own rock band.

Our Partners

Some of the most influential people in the sector collaborate with us.

  • Iñigo Argomaniz's profile picture

    Iñigo Argomaniz


    Founder and CEO for over 30 years of GetIn, a concert promotion, management and booking company, acquired in 2008 by Warner Music.

  • Chris Ortiz's profile picture

    Chris Ortiz


    Manager of Melendi, Manu Carrasco and Miguel Poveda, among others, through his management and concert promotion company, Riff Producciones.

  • Tito Ramoneda's profile picture

    Tito Ramoneda


    President and founder of The Project, a concert promotion company that organises over 400 concerts a year with an average annual attendance of over 500,000 spectators.

  • Eugeni Calsamiglia's profile picture

    Eugeni Calsamiglia


    CEO of Ticketmaster Spain for the past 30 years, an international ticketing company based in the United States.